Engineer-Producer at Studio K Productions LLC, Miramar, Florida;1996 –Present. Multimedia Automation Specialist; Promote and manage a team motivated for performing and developing new commercial products. Supervise release testing for new applications; provide final approval for bug-free, fully functional commercial business solutions. Recruit, train, and manage financial arrangements, allocate resources, and assess project business functions. Build and mentor cohesive, qualified team committed to a schedule; that includes budgetary needs. Hold a Doctorate of Philosophy Degree in Management Information Systems(MIS) and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Engineering from KENNEDY-WESTERN UNIVERSITY – Thousand Oaks, CA and Associate in Arts & Science Degrees; Liberal Arts & Broadcasting (RTV). Professional training and certifications from the Audio Institute of America (AIA) – Certified Audio Engineer, McGraw-Hill National Radio Institute (NRI) – Electronic Technology Professional, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – Radiotelephone Permit 3454 3945, Diplomat of the American Board of Risk Management Professionals (DABRMP) – Certified Risk Manger, active member of IEEE Computer Society, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Computer Security Institute (CSI), ABI Research Board, Decision Analyst Inc., Technology Advisory Board, Marsh Affinity Group, Trump University Real Estate Alliance, Network Solutions, Microsoft Partners, Office Development Team, Business Solutions, Net Passport, Siteserver, Internet Seer, 1 & 1, South Florida Federation of Musicians Local 655 (AFM),(NFIB) The Voice of Small Business. Studio-K webmaster;,,

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